A Better Sound Starts with a Laser Listening Microphone!

This is a world’s most capable laser listening device you can ever find on this planet for the government agencies or Law Enforcement Agencies.

You are entitled to a better evidence collecting device.

This laser listening device has obvious advantages in sub-nanometer weak vibration measurement and weak return light detection capabilities, and has particularly outstanding performance in beacon adaptability, working distance, and window transparency.

Overall structure and working principle

Overall structure: Host(inside battery), PTZ, tripod, earphone,operation terminal

Tech principle

Based on the principle of Doppler measurement, adopts the technical route of laser diffuse reflection filtering and demodulation with compound optical path, carry out accurate optical ranging and positioning of objects

Advantage of our Laser Listening Devices!

Long-Range Capability: Laser microphones can capture audio from distances far exceeding traditional microphones, sometimes up to several hundred meters. This can be useful for:

  • Surveillance in open areas: Monitoring wildlife activity, tracking criminal activity in remote locations, or observing sensitive infrastructure from a safe distance.

  • Law enforcement: Gathering evidence in hostage situations, monitoring crowds during protests, or discreetly capturing conversations in public spaces.

  • Search and rescue: Locating survivors in disaster zones or hazardous environments where direct access is limited.

Non-Contact Audio Acquisition: Unlike traditional microphones, laser microphones don’t need to be placed near the sound source. This can be beneficial in situations where:

  • Physical access is restricted: Recording audio through windows, closed doors, or other physical barriers.
  • Contamination is a concern: Avoiding the risk of cross-contamination in sterile environments or crime scenes.
  • Tampering is a possibility: Traditional microphones can be easily disabled or destroyed, while laser microphones are more difficult to disrupt.

High Audio Quality: Laser microphones can capture audio with exceptional clarity and detail, even in noisy environments. This can be valuable for:

  • Forensic investigations: Providing clear recordings for evidence analysis.
  • Speech recognition applications: Accurately transcribing conversations for various purposes.
  • Remote audio monitoring: Gathering precise audio data for scientific research or environmental monitoring.

It’s important to remember that these are just potential applications, and the use of Laser Listening Devices should always be carefully considered within the context of ethical and legal boundaries.

Committed To Achieving a Much Better Sound Experience

We Care About the Sound Produced by our Laser Listening Device

The Voice File Processing System helps to further denoise or enhance a recorded audio file to make the voice clearer.

The Audio processing system supports five ways of processing files.

Select Noise Reduction Mode

Bringing You a Better Sound Experience
Denoise Method 1

Mainly uses neural network noise reduction and intermediate frequency enhancement noise reduction algorithm to enhance the missing intermediate frequency part of the sound while reducing noise.

Denoise Method 2

Mainly use neural network noise reduction and high frequency enhancement noise reduction algorithm to enhance the high frequency part of the sound while reducing noise.

Denoise Method 3

Mainly for noise reduction of relatively uniform noise such as white noise and other characteristics.

Denoise Method 4

Mainly for the noise reduction of the reverberation noise caused by the relatively hollow medium, which can further remove the reverberation.

Problems for Today's Laser Listening Microphones!

We Have All Your Issues Solved By Our Advanced Laser Listening Microphones!
Short Working Range

Most of the laser listening microphones currently available are characterized by a much short working range .​

Complex to Operate

Most of the Laser Listening Microphones currently available are too complex to operate with a lot of different cables and spare parts. 

Terrible Sound

Most of the Laser Listening Devices currently available produce a much terrible sound  which cannot be used as a valid evidence.

Susceptible to Weather Conditions

Most of the Laser Listening Devices currently available are quite susceptible to weather conditions, which makes them working like a toy.

A lot of Manual Operations

Most of the Laser Listening Devices currently available are operated quite manually and which makes the job quite annoying and time consuming and lacks a lot of precision.

Data Extractions Are Difficult

Most of the Laser Listening Devices currently available either do not support data extractions or make it very difficult.​


Most of the laser Listening Microphones currently available need a lot of attempts to have a better reflection of the sound, regardless of the sound quality.

Laser Adopted is Either Too Weak or Strong

Most of the laser listening Microphones currently available globally are either adopting a strong laser type or weak one, which make them either harmful or totally useless.

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