About US

Welcome to Laserlistening4u.com, your premier destination for cutting-edge surveillance and tracking systems. Specializing in portable IMSI Catchers, laser listening devices, multispectral night vision, through-wall imaging radar, and handheld lidar scanners, we deliver innovative solutions for law enforcement and government agencies.

Our Portable IMSI Catcher utilizes advanced Software Defined Radio (SDR) technology, offering real-time mobile phone tracking and geo-location by detecting IMSI/IMEI identifiers. It features black/white list support, environment survey, and flexible frequency redirection.

Our range also includes:

  • Laser Listening Device: Captures audio through surface vibrations over long distances.
  • Multispectral Night Vision Device: Enhances surveillance in low-light conditions.
  • Through-Wall Imaging Radar: Detects objects behind obstacles.
  • Handheld Lidar Scanner: Offers rapid data capture for accurate mapping.

Our unwavering commitment to technological excellence and comprehensive customer support makes us an outstanding choice for high-performing surveillance solutions. We are dedicated to empowering law enforcement and security professionals worldwide