Super Long-Range Multispectral Night Vision Device

Super Long Range Camera System

The multispectral night vision device represents a significant advancement in night vision technology, combining multiple imaging capabilities to provide superior visibility in low-light conditions. This advanced night vision device leverages thermal imaging and infrared night vision to deliver comprehensive multispectral imaging, making it ideal for a variety of applications. From military use to wildlife observation and search and rescue operations, these devices offer unparalleled performance. For those seeking enhanced security, the best multispectral night vision device can significantly improve situational awareness. Additionally, there are affordable multispectral night vision devices available, making this cutting-edge technology accessible to a broader audience. Understanding the features of advanced multispectral night vision devices and comparing them to traditional night vision can help you make an informed decision. Explore the specifications and reviews to find the perfect device for your needs.

multispectral night vision device
multispectral night vision device
multispectral night vision device
multispectral night vision device
multispectral night vision device


Our Long-Range multi-spectral night vision device is specially designed for long-distance day and night law enforcement and evidence collection in the field. The product integrates photoelectric turntable, infrared thermal imaging, visible light camera, telephoto lens, laser ranging, electronic compass and Beidou positioning. Using multi-spectral technology, the combination of passive and active, ranging and latitude and longitude positioning. While investigating and collecting evidence, the target can be located and ranged. Combined with the back-end platform software, it can realize black and white list control, real-time AI recognition, target locking, tracking and capture and other functions, which can better assist law enforcement departments in investigation, deployment and emergency command.

Understanding Night Vision Devices: Essential Tools for Military and Law Enforcement

Night vision devices are indispensable tools for military and law enforcement agencies, offering unparalleled visibility in low-light and night-time environments. Using cutting-edge night vision technology, these high-performing devices help agencies stay effective and safe.

How Night Vision Devices Work:
1. Infrared Light & Illuminator: Many night vision goggles include infrared illuminators that emit infrared light invisible to the naked eye. This illuminates the surroundings for better visibility.

2. Ambient Light & Image Intensifier Tube: They amplify minimal ambient light sources like moonlight or starlight using image intensifier tubes. This produces a clear image even in near-complete darkness.

3. Phosphor Screen: An image intensifier tube uses a phosphor screen to display the amplified image in green hues, which are easier for the human eye to interpret.

Key Features:
– Objective Lens: The primary lens collects light and directs it to the intensifier tube.

– Field of View: Provides a wide field of view, allowing military personnel to scan the surroundings effectively.

Applications in Military and Law Enforcement:

– Night-Time Operations: Night vision goggles enable units to conduct successful night-time missions with precision.

– Surveillance & Reconnaissance: Agencies rely on these devices for covert surveillance, identifying threats in the dark.

– United States Law Enforcement: U.S. agencies frequently use night vision devices during tactical operations and searches.

From high-performing goggles to infrared illuminators, night vision technology has evolved to deliver unmatched capabilities for professionals operating in challenging light conditions. Whether it’s the military or law enforcement agencies, these vision devices ensure readiness, safety, and effectiveness in the field.

Features of our multispectral Camera System

This text below briefly list its features FYI.

Core Functions

covert reconnaissance comrade

Photo, video, day and night; clear imaging under all black and zero illumination; capture license plate, record first-hand video evidence.

eyes of the command center

Ultra-far night detection and target recognition; Remote synchronization to view the dynamics of the reconnaissance scene; Multiple transmission modes to facilitate remote dispatch and command.

Anti-drug and anti-smuggling assistant

Mobile hot spot tracking, clear imaging; early detection of jungle targets; invisible to the naked eye to ensure the safety of investigators.

SWAT's weapon

Quickly deploy and control the scene, and see the situation clearly; observe suspicious targets through doors, windows, and car windows; accurately locate and orientate, measure distances, and defeat the enemy first.

Detection range and laser ranging

  1. During the day:
  • Detection distance: 5000 meters (person: 1.7m*0.5m)
  • Recognition distance: 600 meters (personal facial features and license plate)
  1. At night:
  • Detection distance : 2000 meters (person: 1.7m*0.5m)
  • Recognition distance: 600 meters (character characteristics and license plate)
  1. Thermal imaging:
  • Detection distance : 2000 meters (person: 1.7m*0.5m)
  • Recognition distance: 600 meters (character characteristics and license plate)

        4 Laser ranging:

  • Ranging distance: 1500 meters (optional ± 3 meters)
  • Ranging accuracy: ± 1 meter

Specifications of multi-spectral night vision device

 Specifications of  multi-spectral night vision device

white light camera


1920* 1080P

Optical zoom

50 times

low light

0.00 0 1Lux/F1.4

color mode

Integrated ICR dual filter day and night switching



808nm (optional 940nm)

Irradiation angle

1.2°~60° (continuous zoom)

Field of view linkage

Automatically zooms according to the magnification of the white light lens, and can also be manually controlled

Thermal Imaging

detector type

vanadium oxide



Cell size


Lens focal length

35mm fixed focus athermalization

Laser Ranging

Measuring distance

1 000 m ± 1 m

Operating mode

Single ranging/Continuous ranging


Beidou/GPS dual-mode positioning

Electronic compass

Real-time true north orientation

4G wireless image transmission




local video

240G SSD, real-time recording


Bearing method

single arm suspension


360° operation, 60°/s speed

pitch rotation

±40 degree rotation, speed 20°/s

Number of preset positions


positioning accuracy






device control

Tablet PC–APP

Use WIFI link

Mobile phone–APP

Use a 4G link

Network cable—PC software

Use Category 5e network cable to connect

button remote control

Some features only




External Interface


Waterproof aerial plug

power supply

Waterproof aerial plug

Power supply

Built-in 10000mAH, external extension xxxxmAH

Charging/working power


Total Weight

≤15KG (including gimbal)

Tripod for quick deployment


Protection class


Application Scenarios

Our   multi-spectral night vision device is suitable for: all-weather reconnaissance, long-distance locking, real-time tracking, remote video recording , or environmental fields that require ranging, positioning and orientation of specific areas or targets . Such as: army, special police, anti-terrorism, public security, anti-drug, judicial, customs, prison, border, oil field, criminal investigation, national security , field search and rescue, ecological environment protection, wildlife protection, long-distance inspection, etc.