Super Handy CrimeScan 3D Handheld LiDAR Scanner

Mobile CrimeScan 3D handheld LiDAR scanner has revolutionized crime scene investigation by enabling highly accurate and detailed documentation of crime scenes. This cutting-edge solution utilizes a handheld LiDAR scanner device to rapidly capture precise measurements and generate a comprehensive 3D representation of the scene.

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A handheld lidar scanner is a versatile tool for capturing detailed 3D images and measurements of environments, objects, and surfaces. Utilizing advanced 3D lidar technology, these scanners are essential for various applications, including construction, surveying, and archaeology. Whether you’re seeking a cheap lidar scanner or a high-end 3D lidar sensor, understanding the available options can help you make an informed decision.

For professionals on the go, portable lidar scanners and mobile lidar scanners provide the convenience needed for fieldwork. Innovations like the slam lidar scanner and color lidar scanner further enhance these devices’ capabilities. Specialized products like the lidar backpack and handheld lidar 3D scanner cater to unique requirements, offering solutions for both professional and personal projects.

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Whether you need a terrestrial lidar scanner for large-scale mapping or an affordable lidar scanner for smaller projects, our comprehensive guides and reviews will help you find the best handheld lidar scanner for your needs.

Why Choose Our CrimeScan 3D Handheld LiDAR Scanner

Ratating Laser Sensor
HSL Hybrid Solution
APP Real-Time Preview
color screen

Rotating laser sensor

mobile measurement system has a scanning radius of 120 meters and the ability to collect 320000 points per second. It has a super large field of view angle 360 ° X285 with a point accuracy up to 1 cm.

HSL Hybrid solution

unique hybrid solving technology which can perform post processing for the previous data during the scanning. High precision data collected is more faster and efficiency ever before.

APP real-time preview

APP replaces the traditional touch screen. During operation, APP can browse point cloud data in real time which support multiple browsing interaction modes & more human-computer interaction content.

Color Screen

A new color status display screen with a larger size supports more information display as well as operating instructions which making it easier to use and getting started.

weather resistant
two battery supply
versatile system platform
multi platform support

Weather Resistant

Our handheld lidar scanner has excellent weather resistance, can operate in an environment of - 35-60 ℃, and has a high level of protection against dust and water, suitable for various environments.

Two Battery Support

when the battery is low, providing strong support for uninterrupted scanning operations, avoiding changes in scanning plans caused by low battery power, and adding unnecessary data splicing.

Versatile System Platform

Multiplicity external ports can easily interface with third-party device systems, providing diverse way of collaborative work, bringing more possibilities for expanding application scenarios and methods.

Multi Platform Support

Excellent platform compatibility which is compatible with multiple tools such as backpack, UAV, vehicle, etc.

Application on Crime Scene Investigations

Intelligent Mate for Crime Scene Investigation 

By employing mobile 3D handheld LiDAR scanning, forensic investigators can efficiently document the entire crime scene, capturing intricate details such as blood spatter patterns, bullet trajectories, and the position of physical evidence.

The scanner’s ability to capture millions of data points in seconds creates a virtual replica of the scene, which can be explored and analyzed in meticulous detail. The advantages of mobile 3D handheld LiDAR scanning in crime scene investigation are manifold. Firstly, it significantly reduces the time required for manual measurements and sketching, expediting the investigation process. Additionally, the high level of accuracy ensures that no crucial details are missed, providing a reliable basis for analysis and reconstruction. Furthermore, the captured 3D data can be revisited and examined remotely, allowing investigators, forensic experts, and legal professionals to collaborate effectively and make informed decisions based on the virtual crime scene model. This not only enhances accuracy but also promotes transparency and credibility in legal proceedings.

Moreover, mobile 3D handheld LiDAR scanning preserves the integrity of the crime scene by minimizing physical contact with evidence. This non-invasive approach ensures that fragile or sensitive items remain undisturbed, maintaining the chain of custody and preventing potential contamination. In summary, mobile 3D handheld LiDAR scanning is a game-changer for crime scene investigation. Its ability to rapidly capture precise measurements and create detailed 3D representations facilitates efficient documentation, analysis, and reconstruction of crime scenes. By revolutionizing the way evidence is recorded and analyzed, this technology plays a vital role in ensuring justice is served while maintaining the integrity of the investigative process.



The weight of our Handheld Lidar Scanner is reduced to help you easily complete the measurement and feel the convenience of lightweight operation.

hybrid solution

Hybrid solution technique

Our handheld Lidar Scanner has a unique hybrid solution technology. This ensures higher accuracy and improves the speed of its own solution. It greatly improves the scanning efficiency to match the post-processing software.

post processing software

post-processing software

Software is specially designed and developed for the series of mobile 3D scanners, (mobile 3D Lidar Scanner )integrating device application and point cloud processing. It is also compatible with third-party device point cloud processing. The software has eight basic functions: one-click point cloud denoising, point cloud splicing, shadow rendering, coordinate transformation, automatic horizontal plane fitting, automatic point cloud data report generation, forward photography and point cloud encapsulation.

Data Transmission

Data Transmission

Support a variety of data transmission methods, including access to mobile hard disk drive, USB and connection via WIFI and cables. The system has an interface which enabling collaborative work with third-party systems, bringing more possibilities for expanding application scenarios and methods.

Industry Application

The mobile 3D handheld LiDAR scanner has various industry applications beyond crime scene investigation.

crime Scene Investigations

Architecture and Construction

Surveying and Mapping

Industrial and Facility Management

Forestry and Environmental Monitoring

Trusted By

The mobile 3D handheld LiDAR scanner can be utilized by various agencies and organizations involved in different fields. Here are some potential users of the solution.

Law Enforcement

 Besides crime scene investigation units, law enforcement agencies such as police departments and forensic laboratories can employ the mobile 3D handheld LiDAR scanner for accurate documentation of crime scenes, accident reconstructions, and evidence analysis.

Government Agencies

 Government agencies responsible for urban planning, land management, and infrastructure development can utilize the scanner for surveying, mapping, and creating 3D models of public spaces, buildings, and transportation networks.

Museums, archaeological etc.

Museums, archaeological departments, and cultural heritage organizations can employ the scanner for documenting artifacts, ancient structures, and archaeological sites, contributing to preservation, research, and virtual exhibitions.

Environmental agencies

Environmental agencies, conservation organizations, and research institutions can utilize the scanner to monitor and document natural habitats, assess environmental changes, and aid in conservation efforts.

Flexible Form Factor to Satisfy Your Needs

It can be handheld, Backpack, Car mount or UAV Mounted.

color module

Accessories of Color Module

As the true color scheme of our mobile 3D Lidar Scanner point cloud, the color module is plug and play, without complicated operation of additional image import, integrated synchronous collection, the data can be fully automatic color point cloud coloring and panoramic image point cloud linkage.

With sensor size of 1/2 Inch and 1/inch for your choice!

It comes with our feature rich post processing software, with lifetime license!

The software has eight basic functions: one-click point cloud denoising, point cloud splicing, shadow rendering, coordinate transformation, automatic horizontal plane fitting, automatic point cloud data report generation, forward photography and point cloud encapsulation. GoSLAM adds one-click heap data generation to bulk metering to make it easier to access data.

component list

Full Choices of Component List

Drone kit Supports DJ M300 PSDK,directly communicate with M300 RTK, and directly out put WGS84 and CGCS2000 coordinate point clouds.

4 Meters or 6 Meters for the extension rod.

Revolutionizing Reality Capture: How Handheld LiDAR Scanners Transform 3D Modeling

Handheld LiDAR scanners have transformed the way we capture and process 3D data. These versatile handheld laser scanners allow for rapid data capture both indoor and outdoor, even in difficult-to-access areas. By using SLAM technology (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping), these scanners collect point clouds and 3D data in real time, creating detailed 3D models that accurately represent the real world.

Through continuous scanning, these 3D scanners generate comprehensive data sets that can be used for various applications, from construction planning to archaeological documentation. Their laser scanning capabilities enable precise reality capture, making them indispensable tools for data collection and 3D laser mapping. The LiDAR 3D technology helps professionals efficiently create 3D representations and scanning data that are critical in modern surveying and analysis.

Overall, handheld LiDAR scanners streamline complex mapping projects by providing accurate, high-resolution data in a real-time workflow that enhances productivity and simplifies decision-making.