Introducing the Advanced Fingerprint Simulation Unlocking System

Specially designed to solve the problem of unlocking fingerprint lock devices

A fingerprint simulation unlocking system is a cutting-edge tool designed for forensic fingerprint technology, enabling investigators to regenerate the fingerprints of criminals or suspects. This advanced digital forensic tool allows law enforcement to unlock suspect devices, providing crucial access to information for criminal investigations. Utilizing criminal fingerprint regeneration, these systems recreate the unique fingerprint patterns needed to bypass biometric security on various devices. This technology is essential for gaining access to smartphones, tablets, and other secured electronics that may hold vital evidence. Investigative unlocking systems are becoming indispensable in modern forensics, offering a reliable and efficient method to support investigative efforts. Whether you’re looking for the best fingerprint simulation unlocking system for investigators or seeking the latest innovations in criminal fingerprint regeneration, understanding the capabilities and applications of these tools is crucial. Fingerprint simulation unlocking for digital forensics enhances the ability of professionals to gather evidence and solve cases more effectively.

With the popularization of fingerprint lock technology, many electronic devices use fingerprint lock to protect personal privacy. The corresponding fingerprint lock unlocking has become a difficult point in law enforcement case handling. Our company has developed a set of fingerprint emulation burning system, which is specially used to solve the problem of unlocking the fingerprint lock device.


Enhance your security with the latest innovation in biometric technology. Our Fingerprint Simulation Unlocking System combines state-of-the-art fingerprint recognition technology with robust security features to offer unparalleled protection for your home or office.

What is a Fingerprint Simulation Unlocking System?

A Fingerprint Simulation Unlocking System is a biometric security solution that regenerates and recreates fingerprints using patented material. This technology allows law enforcement to print a suspect’s fingerprint and use it to unlock various devices owned by the suspect or criminals. The system focuses on accurately replicating fingerprint patterns, enabling investigators to access locked smartphones, tablets, and other biometric-secured systems for critical data retrieval. While not responsible for initial fingerprint collection at crime scenes, the system excels in recreating fingerprints for secure and efficient access to digital evidence, aiding in comprehensive investigations.

Installing a Fingerprint Simulation Unlocking System

Installation is straightforward and can be customized to fit your specific requirements. Our expert technicians will guide you through the process, ensuring that your system is set up for optimal performance.

Where to Buy a Fingerprint Simulation Unlocking System

You can purchase our fingerprint simulation unlocking system from us online.

How Does a Fingerprint Simulation Unlocking System Work?

Our Fingerprint Simulation Unlocking System leverages advanced technology and patented materials to regenerate and recreate fingerprints. This process allows law enforcement agencies to unlock devices owned by suspects or criminals, facilitating critical data retrieval for investigations. Here’s how it works:

1. Collection of Fingerprint Data:

  • Initial Fingerprint Acquisition: Although our system is primarily responsible for regenerating fingerprints, it begins with the acquisition of fingerprint data from law enforcement agencies. This data is typically collected from crime scenes, suspects, or existing databases.

2. Regeneration and Printing of Fingerprints:

  • Patented Material: Utilizing our patented material, we can accurately recreate the suspect’s fingerprint. This material is designed to replicate the unique ridges and patterns of a fingerprint with high precision.
  • Printing Process: The regenerated fingerprint is then printed onto a medium that can be used to interact with fingerprint sensors on various devices. This printed fingerprint mimics the real fingerprint’s properties, allowing it to be recognized by most fingerprint authentication systems.

3. Device Unlocking:

  • Access to Devices: Once the fingerprint is printed, it can be used to unlock the suspect’s devices, such as smartphones, tablets, or secure access systems. This process enables law enforcement to bypass the need for physical possession of the suspect to gain access to critical digital evidence.
  • Data Retrieval: With the device unlocked, investigators can retrieve important data such as call logs, messages, location history, and other digital footprints that can be pivotal in solving cases.

Key Points to Note:

  • Specialization in Fingerprint Regeneration: Our system focuses on the regeneration and printing of fingerprints. We do not collect fingerprints from crime scenes; this task is typically handled by crime scene investigators or other law enforcement personnel.
  • Support for Investigations: By providing regenerated fingerprints, our system supports law enforcement agencies in accessing locked devices, thus facilitating more efficient and thorough investigations.
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Benefits of Using a Fingerprint Simulation Unlocking System for Law Enforcement Agencies

   Efficient Access to Digital Evidence:

  • Unlock Suspects’ Devices: With the fingerprint of a suspect or criminal, law enforcement can print their fingerprint using our system to unlock their phones or other devices. This capability is crucial for incident or crime investigations, allowing officers to access critical digital evidence quickly.
  • Rapid Data Retrieval: Access to a suspect’s digital devices can provide valuable information such as communication records, location history, and other data that can be pivotal in solving cases.
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About Our Fingerprint Simulation Unlocking Device

The system includes: simulation fingerprint working module, fingerprint image processing module, fingerprint film bionic material, integrated fingerprint fast collection, image processing, integrated fiber laser recording, can complete the whole process of fingerprint collection, fingerprint processing, high-precision simulation fingerprint film production Work. It can crack the electronic devices such as smart terminals, anti-theft doors, safes, U disks, hard disks, and laptops with fingerprint locks of Android and iOS operating systems, so as to solve the problem of opening electronic fingerprint lock devices. Incomplete fingerprint pattern intelligent high-precision repair function.

Fingerprint Simulation Unlocking System


High Precision Micro Carving

The processing accuracy can reach 0.02mm, which effectively guarantees the high restoration of the engraved fingerprint film.

Lightweight and Portable

The micro-carving equipment is small in size and high in portability, and can be used in various environments.

Offsite Carving

With the ability to engrave fingerprint films in different places after fingerprint collection

High Speed

High-speed engraving completes the fingerprinting in 2 minutes, and the software solidifies the marking parameters to minimize manual intervention

Image Processing

The lost effective pixels are restored, and the pixels that interfere with the identification are removed to achieve the fingerprint enhancement effect.

Simple to Use

Software "humanized guidance", simple, easy-to-use, visual image monitoring, can process pictures efficiently