Active Optoelectronic Detection System for Drone Detection and Jamming

The Active Optoelectronic Detection System is a state-of-the-art solution designed for comprehensive drone detection and jamming. Built on the concept of AI learning, this system integrates RF sensors and optoelectronic technology, delivering outstanding performance, complete functions, and distinct characteristics. The system is capable of active detection, image transmission, target positioning, and evidence collection and tracking. It continuously detects, identifies, and tracks drones in the low-altitude range for 24 hours, making it a vital tool for public safety, correctional facilities, critical infrastructure, and more.

Active Optoelectronic Detection System for Drone Detection and Jamming

Main Features

  • Independent Operation: The system operates autonomously without the need for external guidance, making it a highly reliable drone detection system.
  • Active Detection: The system actively scans, searches, identifies, and traces drones, providing real-time updates and ensuring comprehensive surveillance.
  • Intelligent Analysis: Leveraging AI-based technology, the system offers intelligent analysis of captured images, enhancing the accuracy of drone detection.
  • Cost Effective: Despite its advanced capabilities, the system is designed to be cost-effective, making high-end drone detection accessible.
  • User-friendly: The system features an intuitive interface, making it easy to use and manage for all levels of operators.
  • Strong Adaptability: The system adapts well to various environments, ensuring consistent performance across different settings.


  • Detection Mode: The system employs active scanning, searching, identifying, and tracing without the guidance of other devices, ensuring comprehensive coverage.
  • Detection Function: Displays information such as captured drone images, target similarity, and the direction of invasion.
  • Detection Distance: Capable of detecting drones at distances of 1500m+ in environments with a visibility of up to 10 kilometers.
  • Lens Focal Length: Features a 40x continuous zoom for detailed monitoring.
  • Image Resolution: Provides high-resolution images at 3840x2160dpi, ensuring clear and precise visuals.
  • Detection Angle: Offers a wide detection range with a horizontal angle of 360° and a vertical angle of -7.5° to 37.5°.
  • Power Supply: Operates on AC110V to 240V, suitable for various power environments.
  • Operating Temperature: Designed to function in extreme temperatures ranging from -40°C to +65°C.
  • IP Level: Rated IP65, providing robust protection against dust and water.

Software Platform

The system comes with a sophisticated software platform that displays detailed information about detected drones, including images and target similarity. This platform is essential for operators to make informed decisions and manage drone threats effectively.


The Active Optoelectronic Detection System is versatile and can be applied in various fields, including:

  • Public Safety: Enhances surveillance and protection in public areas.
  • Correctional Facility: Prevents unauthorized drone activities in correctional institutions.
  • Critical Infrastructure: Protects vital infrastructure from drone-related threats.
  • Government: Assists government agencies in maintaining security.
  • Military: Provides advanced capabilities for military operations and security.
  • Law Enforcement: Aids law enforcement agencies in detecting and mitigating drone threats.
  • Border Patrol: Enhances border security with comprehensive drone detection and tracking.
  • VIP/Private Property Protection: Ensures the safety of VIPs and private properties by preventing drone intrusions.

The system’s advanced features and robust performance make it an indispensable tool in modern drone detection and jamming efforts. Whether for public safety, military, or private property protection, the system delivers reliable and effective drone surveillance and mitigation solutions.