Ultra Wide-Spectrum Forensic Imaging Device

Forensic imaging devices are crucial tools for investigators tasked with analyzing digital evidence. Modern forensic imagers often come equipped with USB 3.0 interfaces for fast data transfers, allowing investigators to efficiently handle high-capacity storage devices. These imaging tools are optimized for performing detailed and accurate imaging in real time, ensuring the integrity and completeness of forensic investigations.

Supporting technologies like SATA and SAS ensure compatibility with various storage formats, enhancing the versatility of these forensic products. The imaging performance of these devices ensures comprehensive data collection and analysis, vital for digital forensics. Investigators can confidently analyze and preserve evidence, knowing that the forensic imaging devices are designed to handle complex investigations while maintaining accuracy and data security.

These devices empower professionals with fast, reliable, and thorough imaging capabilities, solidifying their role as essential tools in modern forensic investigations.

Portable Ultra Wide Spectral System With Autofocus

Optimized for Crime Scene Investigations

Specially designed for police criminal investigation, our Wide-Spectrum Forensic Imaging Device possesses fully independent intellectual property rights. It incorporates advanced laser and image algorithm technology, offering advantages such as fast focusing and accurate positioning. These features greatly enhance the efficiency of police officers when handling on-site cases. Furthermore, its excellent spectral response capability ranging from 180nm to 1100nm enables various intricate evidence searches. These include the detection and extraction of fingerprints on both semi-permeable and non-permeable surfaces, as well as the identification of on-site biological evidence such as blood stains, footprints, saliva, and sperm spots.

Introducing the world’s first automatic focusing purple infrared special light intelligent camera. With its one-click speed feature, it eliminates the tedious and time-consuming process of manual and repeated calibration for shooting. This revolutionary technology significantly enhances the efficiency of police officers in handling on-site cases.



portable ultra wide spectral system

The intelligent camera of our Wide-Spectrum Forensic Imaging Device employs advanced automation and intelligent algorithms to achieve precise and automatic focusing, ensuring optimal image clarity and sharpness. This eliminates the need for manual adjustments, saving valuable time during investigations. By streamlining the focusing process, police officers can swiftly capture crucial evidence without delays or errors, enabling them to respond promptly to evolving situations.

With its user-friendly interface and intuitive controls, the camera is designed to be user-centric, allowing police officers to operate it effortlessly and effectively. Its compact and portable design ensures easy handling and maneuverability in various investigative scenarios.

Our Unique Selling Points

Innovative autofocus system, doubling forensic efficiency


Fast automatic digital focusing

Adaptive matching of different light source channels

Debugging free, easier to operate


Suitable for fingerprint search and extraction, with a search distance of over 5 meters

Infrared laser positioning and image clarity

Dual mode precise focusing

180-1100nm ultra wide spectral response, supporting multiple subtle evidence searches

Adopting highly sensitive scientific level backlit CMOS image sensing technology, it has excellent spectral response ability in the ultraviolet, visible, and near-infra-red bands, and can be used for searching various subtle evidence.

Advanced intelligent image analysis and processing technology

Intelligent anti shaking, 

Built-in intelligent anti-shake algorithm can automatically match the best shutter time, make the image clear, and effectively solve the fuzzy problem caused by handshaking.

Electronic ruler,

Image acquisition can also directly measure the size of the target, with the accuracy of 0.1 mm.

 Regional color scale

Key areas can be optimized locally to quickly get the better fingerprint.

800nm-850nm near-infrared band response capability

Suitable for discovering potential blood stains on dark colored clothing

Integrated body, single person control

The body integrates light source, lens, imaging, and storage functions, and the outer shell is made of ultra-thin aluminum alloy, without the need for external equipment. Single person can complete the collection of physical evidence, saving time and effort!

Super Light Weight

  • The body is lightweight,
  • Ergonomic non-slip grip for comfort and effort
  • Shoulder strap design prevents slipping

Multiple Bands

Integrated 6-band filter wheel and light source, more convenient operation.

Highly integrated embedded system

Equipped with opto-electromechanical integration

Integrated multispectral light source

Ergonomic anti slip grip, comfortable and labor-saving

Replaceable lithium battery pack with a single battery life of over 4 hours

Support USB, WIFI, Bluetooth, provide infinite possibility of fingerprint storage.


Where our Ultra Wide-Spectrum Forensic Imaging Device can be used on

Sample: lime wall 

Target  : latent fingerprint 

Sample: painted door

Target :latent fingerprint

Sample: thermal paper

Target :latent fingerprint

Sample: ceramic cup

Target  : latent fingerprint

Sample: cotton fabric

Target  : latent fingerprint

Other shooting cases 

Fingerprint Collection

The Wide-Spectrum Forensic Imaging Device’s purple infrared special light technology enables the detection and extraction of fingerprints on various surfaces, including semi-permeable and non-permeable objects. It captures high-resolution images, ensuring the clarity and accuracy needed for fingerprint analysis and identification.

Blood Stain Detection

With its enhanced visibility in challenging lighting conditions, the camera can detect and document blood stains at crime scenes. It allows investigators to capture detailed images of blood patterns, facilitating subsequent analysis and providing valuable insights into the crime.

Trace Evidence Identification

The Wide-Spectrum Forensic Imaging Device’s wide-spectrum capabilities enable the detection and documentation of subtle trace evidence. This includes the identification of footprints, saliva, and sperm spots, among other biological evidence. It helps investigators uncover hidden clues and build a comprehensive picture of the crime scene.

On-site Evidence Documentation

The Wide-Spectrum Forensic Imaging Device’s fast focusing and intelligent functions greatly improve the efficiency of police officers in on-site case handling. It enables quick and accurate documentation of evidence, ensuring that no crucial details are missed or overlooked. This real-time evidence collection supports timely decision-making and enhances the overall investigative process.

Forensic Photography

The Wide-Spectrum Forensic Imaging Device serves as a powerful forensic photography tool, capturing high-quality images that are essential for subsequent analysis, reconstruction, and courtroom presentation. Its automatic focusing feature eliminates the need for manual calibration, allowing investigators to focus on the crime scene and evidence collection.

The Ultra Wide-Spectrum Forensic Imaging Device is a versatile tool with numerous applications in crime scene investigation. Its advanced features make it highly effective in collecting crucial evidence such as fingerprints, blood stains, and more.